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Dated: November 20 2023

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With all the subject matter one can blog about, I decided to share stories of my favorite thing to do - fishing!! Okay, and maybe the occasional blog about something real estate related. If you ask any of our friends and family what the one activity is that my wife, Lori, and I love to do together, the unanimous answer will be fishing.  Lori and I have been fishing together since we first met in 1994 and have always loved to fish, but only really started documenting our fishing adventures in 2016 when we went on our first Canadian fishing adventure.


One of our happy places to fish is Rocky Shore Lodge, located on Perrault Lake in NW Ontario, Canada.  Here you will find scenic views and beautiful clear waters that have an abundance of walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, perch, whitefish, and musky. Lori and I went to Rocky Shore Lodge for the first time in 2016 with long time friends, Brian & Colette. Prior to our adventure, we purchased all the right gear and I was sure to educate Lori with all the pointers on walleye fishing that this Michigan native could recall which included watching several informative videos about walleye fishing that was sure to yield us a nice harvest - every woman's dream I know!!!

Not long into the trip, we headed to the burned out bridge, a landmark on the lake where an old burned out railroad bridge spans a narrow channel connecting Perrault Lake to Cedar Lake.  This narrow passage has a strong current flowing through it where the walleye are known to travel but it is often rumored to be a location where the fishing is either "on" or "off," with not much in-between.  When we arrived at the burned out bridge, we found several other anglers had the same idea to try their luck in search of a monster walleye as several boats crowded the small channel in close proximity to one another trying to fill their livewells.

Brian maneuvered his boat to a location where we could drop anchor, being careful not to crowd the other anglers.  Upon anchoring, Lori dropped the jig and minnow from her light action rod into the water and let it sink to the bottom only to soon proclaim she was snagged on a log. This "log" was soon discovered to have some pull to it and Brian quickly recognized and called out to Lori that she had a fish on the line! After some fight and netting assistance, Lori pulled her first walleye ever from the lake - a 29 1/2" monster that elicited cheers and words of affirmation from her fellow anglers. As you can see from the smile on her face - she was immediately "hooked" on fishing in NW Ontario. If you want a great NW Ontario fishing experience at a lodge operated by amazing people that treat you like family, check out Rocky Shore Lodge at the link below.

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